Speaker name

Dr. S D Madhu Kumar

Professor of CSE Dept. & Dean ( SW) of NIT Calicut

Cyber Crimes in Social Media Networks- Challenges and Opportunities

Today’s digital universe is huge, and the internet and World Wide Web (WWW) are much bigger than what we see through our regular browsers. Social Media Networks have also become popular among all categories of people. However, the rapid growth of internet has left it susceptible to misuse and abuse which has become a big threat and challenge in cyberspace around the globe. A big number of cybercriminals are trying to make illicit attempts every day to gain the access of unauthorized data through the internet. A large part of the Internet content remains hidden in the deep website which are part of the Dark Web. Majority of the cybercriminals are doing criminal activities within the dark site of the web which is called Dark Net. Lot of illegal activities including terrorism is being coordinated through the social media networks like the Instagram. This keynote address focus on the loopholes in the popular social media networks and the well-known attacks on the social media users. The talk throws light into the challenges in this cyber world which requires urgent attention from the research community.

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Mr. Fabin Rasheed

Pretia, Japan

Creating for creating

A walkthrough of my experience in working at the merger of creativity and technology through Art and Design using Technological innovations like AI, AR/VR, Generative design etc

Speaker name

Mr. Sreelal T S

Delivery Head, Strategic Program, TCS

Industry Adoption of Human Centered Design

The design philosophy is now evolving out from a user centric approach to a human centric approach. Empathy, personalisation, ideation and prototyping being the core of this process, the final outcome is going to be a “sustainable” design. That is going to be the real benefit from an industry standpoint as well as from a community standpoint. We can explore on how this transformation is happening in the industry and how the existing processes of agile practices and design thinking techniques are enabling this. In order to render human centric solutions, it is imperative to get the right contextual insight and information in real time about the persona in a situation or in a community, who is consuming the service. We are living in the world of data explosion and data is considered to be the biggest asset, whether it is in the form of structured or unstructured. Data in general can be categorised into three parts (1) learned information (2) real time information (3) crowd sourced information. Newer developments in cognitive computing are helping to tap into this data with the underlying power of cluster computing or HPC.